Assuming anyone here is already reasonably familiar with Chaoscope -- only a few brief comments:

Like Ani4Chaoscope, these programs read Chaoscope project files and create one or more new projects with varying parameter values. Ani4Chaoscope calculates a linear interpolation of all parameters between a start and an end project file. By contrast,  these utilities vary only one or two items eg rotation or colors, but do so with greater flexibility to achieve results unobtainable by the linear method. Whatever the method, the final animation bitmap frames are produced by loading a set of project files into Chaoscope´┐Żs batch processing mode.

The programs...

Available. The '2' indicates a version with two distinct modes of operation. In the first, a single new file is created which is rotated the desired amount about a single axis. In the second, a numbered series of files are created to produce an animation. The number of frames can be explicitly set if using a single input file, or can be derived from the number of sequentially numbered existing projects available if (and only if) the input file name ends in '000000' eg created by Ani4Chaoscope. In either mode there is the option to produce a stereo pair for each output project.

Trial public release. This a 'color animator', creating a numbered series of project files with varying colors values. The colored sequence can be based on a single project or and existing sequence created by Ani4Chaoscope or Rot4Chaoscope. Options include hue shifting, map shifting, and a growing collection of special effects such a zebra striping. Limited to varying the speed and angle colour gradients in the Light and Plasma render modes.

A utility to change the iteration values (and/or height and width) of a set of projects. Useful for checking all frames of an animation before restoring the original values for final rendering. ...or creating thumbnails?